How do I get a Registration of New Vehicles (Vahan)?

What is a Registration of New Vehicles and why is it Needed?

Registration is mandatory of every new vehicles. It make a unique identify to vehicle by the unique identification easy to search vehicle. All private vehicles having seating capacity upto 7 seats including driver are required to be registered in the territorial jurisdiction of concerned SDO (Civil)-cum-Registering Authority (Motors).

All Indian citizens who purchase a vehicle are eligible

Office: Contact your Local Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) i.e. S.D.M.
How do I get a Registration of New Vehicles (Vahan)?
Documents Required:

Form no.20 (registration of motor vehicle) duly filled with two photographs and signature. Traced chasse no./engine no. on form and passed from district police inspector.

Bill/Invoice/Form no.21 (sale certificate),Form no.22 (road worthiness certificate)and copy of valid insurance.

Residential Certificate (voter card/ passport/ telephone/electricity bill/ ration card etc. attach any two copies.

Self declaration certificate.

Temporary number.

Two copies of form no.34in the case of loan vehicle.

Attested copies of form no.60 or PAN card.

NOC form excise department vehicle purchase from other state.

Registration fee/road tax/M.C. fee/service charge.
The owner first applies for the registration of his/her vehicle in form 20 (registration of motor vehicle) with above said documents

Fee Details::
Sr.No Vehicle Road Tax Registration Fee Trade Fee MC Tax HPA Service Charge
 1. Motor Cycle ( Upto 60,000 ) 2 % of Purchase Value
 2 Motor Cycle ( 60,000 to 4 Lac) 4 % of Purchase Value 
 3 Motor Cycle ( Above 4 Lac) 5 % of Purchase Value 
 4 L.M.V. ( Upto 5 Lac ) 2 % of Purchase Value 
 5 L.M.V. ( 5 Lac to 10 Lac ) 4 % of Purchase Value 
 6 L.M.V. ( 10 Lac to 20 Lac ) 6 % of Purchase Value 
 7 L.M.V. ( Above 20 Lac ) 8 % of Purchase Value 
 8 Tractor ( For Farmer ) NIL NIL 

Note will be deposited at e-Disha Counter against Cash Receipt
Expected Delivery Period – 7 working days

** A fine of 0.5 % of the Total Tax Calculated per day ( as a late fee fine ) will be charged if the vehicle is registered late
.i.e after 21 days of the date of sale letter.

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