How to share 3g dongle network over wi-fi Smartphone and other Devices

wireless connect dongle

Now you can easily share your dongle internet connection over all your wifi devices Just you need one dongle and a wifi router ( in my case I have ADSL 2+ modem)


1. First make sure that you are connected to internet through your 3G dongle



2. Just set your connection with your wifi router follow the images below for connecting your router or wifi modem.

lanwirelesswireless connect dongle
  3. Now go to your Dongle properties and in sharing tab check below options.

mblaze mts
4. Change the connection type in your wireless router settings to automatic DHCP mode or enable DHCP mode.
5. Save the settings in the wireless router and restart it and also restart the laptop
6. Check whether the wireless router is able to get ip from the laptop or not

once all this is done time to check the wifi connection, i used my android mobile to connect to the wifi and got the connection working and yes its using my 3G dongle internet connected to my laptop .:)

Restart is must for making this trick working

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