Tata Photon Max WiFi: Cheap, portable and stable

Tata Photon Max WiFi

Tata Photon Max WiFi

Tata Photon Max Wi-Fi is priced at Rs 1,999 and plans range from Rs 650 per month (up to 3 GB) to Rs 1,500 per month (up to 15 GB) excluding taxes.

It is almost identical to the Photon Max, whose coverage I’ve found to be very reliable in most big cities. The Photon Max Wi-Fi has a blue and a green light. A stable blue light means that the device has connected to the Internet, while a stable green light means that your gadgets are connected to Photon Max Wi-Fi. In over a week of testing, I faced no downtime.

Tata promises up to 6.2 Mbps speed on the Photon Max. The speed we got ranged between 1.4 Mbps and 2.6 Mbps, when tested

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