Tianzi(Son of Heaven) Mountains, China


Tianzi Mountain takes its name from a man-Xiang Dakun. He was the leader of Tu ethnic group during the last years of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 -1279). Xiang Dakun led a revolution and avowed himself as Tianzi (Son of Heaven).  He naming himself Tianzi, or ‘Son of Heaven’, the leader is said to have fought fiercely against his opponents, before being driven to Tianzi Mountain (so named after him) where he jumped from the cliff.


Tianzi Mountain provides stunning views of peaks, which rise one after another. It is known as ‘the Monarch of the Peak Forest’.

The most impressive sights are:

1.The Yu Bi Peaks

2.The Xian Nv San Hua and

3.The Shen Bing Ju Hui.

With pine trees on the top, the Yu Bi (the imperial brushes) Peaks rise upward into the sky. Legend goes that they are brushes the Tianzi-Xiang Dakun used. They disintegrated into stone peaks after his martyrdom. The Xian Nv San Hua (floral tributes by fairies) is slightly opposite the Yu Bi Peaks. A legend goes that Xiang Dakun and his army were defeated to fall back on the Tianzi Mountain. He fought to the finish, and finally could not help but jumped off the cliff. A girl in love with him went across the mountain to search for him. She strewed flowers over the cliffs and turned into a stone statue in the end. Shen Bing Ju Hui is a forest of soldier-like peaks that arrayed for a review.

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